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"My heart overflows with a good theme; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer." Psalm 45:1


Quotes "...RE one of the text messages you sent afew weeks back: You said 'How can my husband take care of me if he won't take care of himself?' [Healthwise, cuz he never wanted to go to the Dr., though he was ill for sometime] I thought about that and at first I was offended, it made good sense when it came down to it. It turned out that he got really sick and finally hollared out for me to call the ambulance! We found out he had an ulcer. All that happened about a week or so BEFORE I had to have surgery for my gall bladder. By then, he was feeling alot better so he "could take care of me when I needed the help!" I totally saw the Lord working that out IN ORDER for us. Even though we were both sick, HE STILL GETS THE GLORY FOR IT ALL! So, I appreciate you bringing that to my attention about him (husband) being able to care for my needs. God used you to help, too. Quotes
Judy -- August 2, 2010
Just like you said...

Quotes Way back in the Day, when I was astray -- The Lord came & saved my life! In just the nick of time, He saved me & mine, from prison, death & strife! He's been as faithful to me as He's been to Daniel, To Esther & Hezekiah -- There's no doubt: He's the same -- yesterday, today & forever! He lives in me & shows the way; He's my closest Friend; When others leave, lie or deceive, on Him I can STILL depend! No notes of Praise could 'er be enough to tell of His wonderful Love -- But surely I'll try, til the day I die or He captures me to Above! THANK YOU, JESUS, ALWAYS! Quotes
Bonnie Spano -- May 30, 2010
Saved By Grace -- Since Easter, 1974

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